Networking Services

At Mafiree, we specialize in elevating your network infrastructure to new heights of efficiency and security. Our seasoned professionals excel in configuring network switches and routers, tailoring connectivity to your precise requirements. We implement Virtual LANs (VLANs) for enhanced segmentation and security, while our port security measures lock out unauthorized access. With expertly crafted IP subnetting strategies, we ensure optimal address utilization and scalability.



Network Switches and Routers Configuration

  • Our adept professionals excel in configuring network switches and routers to optimize performance and efficiency. We ensure meticulous setup of your devices, providing tailored connectivity that perfectly suits your specific needs.


Virtual LAN (VLAN) Configuration

  • Efficient network segmentation and enhanced security are achieved through VLANs. Our configurations cater to your organizational needs, providing the ability to isolate traffic and control access for distinct departments or devices.


Port Security Implementation

  • The foundation of unauthorized access prevention lies in port security. Our implementation of port security measures restricts access to authorized devices, minimizing risks from unauthorized users or devices attempting to connect to your network.


IP Subnetting Strategies

  • Effective IP address allocation is pivotal for network scalability. Our experts craft and implement IP subnetting strategies that optimize address utilization, facilitate network expansion, and streamline management.


Inter-VLAN Routing Solutions

  • Enabling seamless communication between VLANs is essential for effective network segmentation. Our team establishes inter-VLAN routing solutions, ensuring secure and smooth data exchange between isolated network segments.


NTP Server Configuration

  • Maintaining accurate and synchronized time across network devices is vital. Our NTP server configurations establish a reliable time source, crucial for accurate timestamps and synchronized operations.


Wireless Network Design and Deployment

  • Our experts design Wi-Fi networks tailored to your unique needs. We analyze space, user density, and usage patterns to create networks that ensure robust coverage, minimal dead zones, and optimal performance.