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SQL Server Support

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SQL server is often the choice of a relational database when you need tons of features such as column store indexes, always-on availability, distributed replay, sequence objects, User- defined server roles, business intelligence tools, effective data warehousing.

A good amount Mafiree customers use SQL Server and they leave all their database woes to us so that they can focus completely on their business. We have a dedicated team of SQL Server DBA's who could provide all the support & Consulting that is needed right from setting up SQL Server from scratch to tuning and scaling. Our Team analyzes your servers and gets full knowledge of your databases enabling them to optimize, recommend, upgrade, performance tuning, tuning, backups and manage in a better way.

Services offered

  • We provide 24x7x365 Monitoring support all versions of SQL Server
    • MS SQL server 2000
    • SQL Server 2005
    • SQL Server 2008
    • SQL Server 2008 R2
    • SQL Server 2012
    • SQL Server 2014
    • SQL Server 2016
    • SQL Server 2017
  • Installation, Configuration of SQL Server:
    • SQL Server on Windows
    • SQL Server on Linux.
    • SQL Server patching
  • Automated SQL Server backup.
    • Full backups
    • Differential backup
    • Transactional log backup.
    • Configuring Recovery models
    • Setting up the retention policy for older backups.
    Note: Backup can be moved to different server / storage / Cloud (AWS S3, Amazon Glacier, Google bucket)
  • Query/Server optimization.
    • Creation of clustered and non clustered indexes
    • Index Defragmentation.
    • Rebuild and reorganize indexes.
    • Managing and updating Statistics.
    • TempDB Configuration and growth control
    • Database file configurations
    • Log files usage and growth analysis
  • Auto Archival / Schedule Maintenance
    • Moving old data to same / different server.
    • Purge data with / without backup.
    • SQL execution.
    NOTE: Archival will be carried out on chunks and will be scheduled to run only on the scheduled window.
  • Migration of different RDBMS (Oracle / MySQL/MariaDB / PostgreSQL / DB2 ) to SQL Server
  • Architecture review and changes.
    • Structural / schema review.
    • Data type review and suggestions.
    • Application review w.r.t database.
    • Review the queries and rewrite.
    • High Availability solution.
      • Transaction replication
      • Transaction replication with updatable subscriptions
      • Snapshot replication
      • Merge replication
      • Alwayson
      • Log shipping
      • Mirroring
    • Clustering solutions
      • Active-Active cluster
      • Active-Passive cluster
    • MISC
      • Scheduling SQL Server jobs
      • SQL Server Mail configuration
      • Configuring Linked Server to other RDBMS
      • Replicate data from SQL Server to other RDBMS.

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