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MongoDB Support

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Next generation databases must address some of the points such as flexible schema, highly available, open source and horizontally scalable. NoSQL databases have much increased features when it comes to non-structural data. MongoDB ranks top among the NoSQL databases for this reason.

MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database used for high volume data storage. Good for high availability & horizontal availability. It also supports & Consulting various storage engines based on the application need we can configure the right storage engines for better DB performance.


  • 24x7x365 Monitoring.
  • Install/upgrade MongoDB instances.
  • Automated MongoDB backup / snapshots.
    • Mongodump Backup
    • LVM snapshots
    Note: Backup can be moved to different server / storage / Cloud (AWS S3, Amazon Glacier, Google bucket)
  • Configuration changes / DB Tunings.
  • Query optimization.
    • Index creation.
    • Query rewriting.
  • Storage engine suggestions according to the business needs.
    • Wired Tiger
    • MMAPv1
    • Encrypted
    • In-memory
  • Auto Archival / Schedule Maintenance
    • Moving old data to same / different server.
    • Purge data with / without backup.
    • Query execution and exporting queries.
  • Migration from RDBMS ( MySQL / SQL Server ) to MongoDB.
  • Architecture review and changes.
    • Load balancing queries across replicas.
    • Creating users with right privileges.
    • Review the slow performing queries and rewriting suggestions.
    • Enhancing DB security by enabling authentication.
    • Configuring priorities for replica set members based on application needs.
    • High Availability solution.
      • Converting Standalone instances to replica set
      • Configuring Replication with replica sets
        • Replica sets with 3 node basic cluster.
        • Replica sets with arbiter.
        • Adding up new replica sets to existing cluster without downtime.
        • Setting up delayed,hidden replica sets.
      • Sharding for scaling the databases horizontally
        • Enabling Sharding with proper shard key.
        • Data Chunk creation & distribution management.
        • Maintaining a balanced data set.

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