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Linux Services

Mail Server Consulting:

Mafiree has hands on experience in providing high quality Design, implementation and management of Unix Based E-Mail servers, gateways and clients. Mafiree can spec, design and deploy, any sized E-mail system from a single server based SOHO implementation, to a large multi-server - load balanced Enterprise level solution.

Why you need Mafiree's mail server solutions?

  • We have extensive experience with virtually all of the major mail transport agents and daemons such as Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, and Exim
  • We do capacity planning, design and deploy any E-mail system from a single server baseed SOHO sytemt to a large multi-server load balanced Enterprise solution.
  • We help you avoid and spam and viruses by building and integrating Anti-spam , Anti-virus solutions like SpamAssassin, OpenAV, ClamAV, BrightMail, Sophos, and Amavis and others.
  • Troubleshooting issues and slow downs in sending/recieving mails.
  • We assist you in migrating from your current server implementation to a reliable, rock-solid UNIX based solution.
  • We have experience setting up packaged mail server solutions like iredmail, zimbra, citadel, modoboa etc..,
  • We support webmail clients like roundcube, squirrelmail etc..,
  • We support other mail based services like imap, dovecot, policyd etc ..,

Other Mail-server services:

  • Load balancing and redundency
  • Mail server security auditing and hardening
  • Setting up mail relays
  • SASL based authenticated relays
  • Setting up SSL for mail servers
  • Migrating from one mail service provider to another (like from yahoo business mail to gmail)
  • Disaster and compromise recovery

Web-server Consulting :

Mafiree provides complete webserver package solutions including design, setup, administration and management servies for you webservers.
Need expertise getting rid of all your obstaces in your strategic web-server roadmap?
Mafiree tech 'Gurus' can help you with every single aspect of your web application strategy

Our services include

  • Istallation and configuraion of popular webservers like Apache, nginx, lighttpd
  • Configuring multiple virtual domains.
  • Tune webserver configurations
  • Tune tcp parameters to meet the webserver needs
  • Setting up reverse proxies with nginx
  • Speeding up webservers with caching tools like varnish-cache, Litespeed Cache.
  • Webserver security using SSL
  • Heartbleed security vulnerability patch for SSL
  • Webserver security auditing and implementation
  • Rescuing hacked webservers and counter measures
  • Loadbalancing with HAProxy.
  • CMS implementation with popular cms systems like wordpress, Joomla , drupal etc..,
  • We provide complete support for Ruby on rails applications and help configure ruby with almost all webservers like Phusion Passenger, Puma, Thin and Unicorn
  • DNS bind installation and configuration.
  • Migration from one webserver to another
  • Backup and recovery strategy and setting up DR sites

Authentication Servers:

Mafiree does consulting on almost all Authentication servers, some of which are listed below.

  • OpenLdap
  • Kerberos
  • Nis
  • Nis+
  • OpenRadius
  • FreeRadius

Our specialties include:

  • Directory design and planning
  • Directory migrations
  • Directory synchronization
  • Directory modifications/mass updates/data bulk loading via script development
  • Kerberos Authentication Network design
  • Build Open/Free Radius Based Authentication server.

Centralised Antivirus Setup :

Our Linux experts can create a centralised antivirus setup with automatic virus definition updates. Normally each server in the infrastructure has to connect to the internet to download the updates. With this centralised setup only the central update server has to connect to the internet. The other servers can fetch the update from the central update server locally. This setup is needed for PCI/DSS Certification.

PCI/DSS Certification:

We could help you set up servers with all policies suggested by PCI/DSS fo that you could certified.

Filesytem Integrity and log monitoring:

We help you setup file integrity monitoring systems and log monitoring systems using tools like ossec and tripwire with proactive alerts and meaningful dashboards to meet PCI Requirements.


Our devops experts could help you deploy docker containers at ease and whenever needed. They could help you maintain docker containers with best configuration possible

Kubernetes :

We could help you automate container deployment with kubernetes. The also help you scale and manage all you containerised application with kubernetes

Ansible and Puppet:

With our experts immense knowledge in Ansible, they would automate you IT infrastructure and application deployment. Application deployment and configuration management for multiples servers can done easily with our anisble setup.

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