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Database Services

The Database is always the core and very important component of a solution/business. Mafiree helps clients to setup and manage their systems in a better and organized manner. Also ensures in keeping the client database systems running smoothly without any glitches. Mafiree comes with a vast experience on database support and it has been our core strength, always. It provides end to end support for different databases like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL etc.

Short term support: Audit of database

This support model is devised in such a manner to provide a performance boost to client's Database in a very short period. Mafiree can help clients to attain a temporary cure to all their pain points related to database, using this model. This model has a very systematic approach, during which all the issues related to client's database shall be reported and resolved efficiently. Apart from these other activities listed below can be taken on under this model

  • Identifying issues in Databases
  • Devising suitable solutions
  • Architectural review
  • Accessing areas of improvement
  • Config & Architectural changes
  • Performance tuning

Long term support: Annual Maintenance

Mafiree offers this very comprehensive model, which is not provided by most of the support companies. This model takes care of the client's database needs round the clock. Choosing this model relieves the client from hiring and managing a DBA team along with the pain of administering databases.

  • Query tuning
  • Performance tuning
  • Health check reports
  • Installation & Upgrade consultation
  • Privilege audit
  • Automated Backups
  • Archival
  • Architecture change support
  • Login support
  • Online monitoring tool
  • SLA based email support
  • Phone support

Database Migration

Mafiree has extensive experience in performing migration of the databases, in which we have supported a huge number of our clients and have proved our skills. We have worked many projects in migrating data from and to different databases, from and to different platforms / hosting spaces.

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