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Cloud Services

Cloud management strategies typically involve numerous tasks including performance monitoring (response times, latency, uptime, etc.), security and compliance auditing and management, initiating and overseeing disaster recovery and contingency plans.

Cloud computing has become an integral part of any business that deals with data analysis and computing. With growing requirements of Mobile based applications, deployment of cloud techniques has also increased. Mafiree provides an extensive support platform for clients on the cloud environment.

We are capable of migrating data into cloud, maintaining it, performing optimization, providing DevOps support. A typical cloud environment should be capable of maintaining a heterogeneous pool of resources, providing better access to end users, providing better security, allocating resources in the right proportion and keeping track of activities. Mafiree showcases great capabilities in all these areas.

Mafiree is capable of implementing and maintaining cloud environments of any size and to provide support to various cloud environments like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud etc.

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