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Cassandra Support

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Cassandra is a fully distributed masterless database offering superior scalability and fault tolerance to traditional single master databases. It offers a uniquely robust and expressive interface for modeling and querying data. It is a distributed database that is highly scalable and manages huge data size. Being schemaless it uses Column family as a way to store and organize data.

Services offered

  • Architectural design for Cluster.
  • Create, install, and configure a Cassandra cluster
  • Export data into different data formats
  • Backup and restore data to secure the system in the event of failure
  • Complete monitoring of the cluster availability and performance
  • Use primary index and secondary indexes correctly to perform queries on data
  • Performing DB compaction
  • Repairing nodes in the cluster for any data loss.
  • DB level tuning of parameters.
  • Scale in and out of a Cassandra cluster
  • Our experts guide with all phases of Cassandra implementation such as configuration, testing, optimization, security practices and architecture design
  • We have a monitoring system that could generate alerts every 5 minutes for which our experts are available 24x7 to act.
  • We tune the operating system parameters to match Cassandra and improve the overall throughput.
  • Our experts are available 24x7x365 to act for any queries posted by you.

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