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Microsoft’s SQL server is often the choice of a relational database when you need tons of features such as column store indexes, always on availability, distributed replay, sequence objects, User- defined server roles, business intelligence tools, effective data warehousing.

A good amount Mafiree customers use MS SQL and they leave all their database woes to us so that they can focus completely on their business. We have a dedicated team of MS SQL DBAS who could provide all the support that is needed right from setting up MS SQL from scratch to tuning and scaling. Our Team analyzes your servers and gets full knowledge of your databases enabling them to optimize, recommend, upgrade and manage in a better way.

Services offered

Some of our featured MS SQL services include

  • We support all versions of MS SQL
    •   MS SQL server 2000
    •  SQL Server 2005
    •  SQL Server 2008
    •  SQL Server 2008 R2
    •  SQL Server 2012
    •  SQL Server 2014
  • Stuck with an old version of MS SQL, we could help you upgrade with right kind of approach and precautions.
  • Design, Setup and configure MSSQL from scratch. We experience designing and implementing complex models for customers with huge data.
  • Administration and maintenance. We would proactively monitor you servers for alerts 24x7 and act to them.
  • Troubleshooting, server tuning, query optimization and performance scaling.
  • QA Testing
  • We could help choose the right kind of Replication for you High availability needs We have experience setting up and administering all kinds of replications such as
  • Transaction replication
  • Transaction replication with updatable subscriptions
  • Snapshot replication
  • Merge replication
  • We make use of the Enhanced auditing features provided in MS SQL to the best level.
  • We also further help you with Full Text Searching services, Integration services, reporting services, Analysis services and provide Business intelligence services.

Who are we?

Our intense interest in MySQL has propelled us to start Mafiree. We strive to provide the best in support for the MySQL needs of our Customers and Partners.

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We can help you manage and optimize your database environments like MySQL, Postgres and MSSQL.

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Our Portfolio

Hands on experience in MySQL versions 3.x, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 5.6

Exposure in managing MySQL databases driving Platforms with database volumes ranging from 10GB to 5 TB. Tune and benchmark MySQL for better concurrency and performance pitted against Oracle.

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