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MariaDB Galera Bug [WSREP: BF lock wait long]
By Sukan   |   May 18, 2018   |   Posted in : MySQL
Major Galera bug which puts the entire cluster down

SQL Server On Linux
By Sujith   |   March 30, 2019   |   Posted in : Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Server 2017 brings the best features of the Microsoft relational database engine to the enterprise Linux ecosystem, including SQL Server Agent, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication, best-in-class high availability/ disaster recovery, and unparalleled data security.

Why MongoDB?
By Jerwin   |   March 30, 2019   |   Posted in : Mongodb
Next generation databases must address some of the points such as being non-relational,highly available,open source and horizontally scalable. NoSQL databases has much increased features when it comes to non-structural data. In this article, we will discuss basics of NoSQL databases and why you need.

Achieving High Availability Using Log Shipping
By Sujith   |   February 21, 2018   |   Posted in : Microsoft SQL Server
To simplify, log shipping feature is to get a transaction from source server and apply the same transaction in destination server instantly or at a scheduled time frame. This feature can be deployed for high availability. Say, if the source servers goes down, the destination server can be prompte

ProxySQL Features
By Sukan   |   February 16, 2018   |   Posted in : Proxysql
Query Caching - Query Routing - Mirroring - Query Rewrite - Data Masking

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